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EFFE di Fortunato Denegri. Linguistic Services

Translation and Interpreting, Copywriting and Consultancy: EFFE is  here to help you in all your language needs!

You can find us in the areas of, Como, Monza e Brianza, Lecco and Varese: EFFE means expertise, hard study and reliability.

Translations and Interpreting services specialized in several fields, SEO Copywriting and Language Consultancy.

Having a good translation has never been so easy! 


The original is unfaithful to the translation.
— Jorge Luis Borges

What we do



This is just one of the several quotes on translation, but for sure one of the best.  This sentence perfectly transpose the idea and the heart of translation: create a fully new reality made out of words, keeping faithful to the original and, at the same time, becoming something better.

Our translation service covers different linguistic combination, but it’s constantly upgrading:

  • English > Italian

  • French > Italian

  • Russian > Italian

  • Spanish > Italian

  • Italian > French

Our specialization fields:

  • Legal - Contracts

  • Commercial - Marketing

  • Communication

  • Tourism - Restoration industry

We also offer Certification and Legalization services of your translations.

Our Consecutive Interpretation service is available for the following languages

  • French

  • English

We are always ready to hear your suggestions, and to find all solutions for every specific request.



It’s quite hard to give a complete idea of Copywriting. In few words, for the unfamiliar ones with this word, Copywriting is “the love for writing at the marketing service”. And this means all and nothing.

Here in EFFE, we decided to place our pen (or keyboard) at the complete disposal of the client. Here you have our Copywriting services:

  • Web Contents Copywriting

  • SEO - Copywriting

  • Landing Pages Copywriting

  • Blogging

  • Marketing / ADV

  • Naming

  • Proofreading

Give an online-face to your business, give it a voice!


language consultancy.

« Pardonnez celui qui ne parle qu’une langue : il ne sait pas ce qu’il fait. » François Vaucluse

The word of such a glorious translator as François Vaucluse perfectly depict the spirit of EFFE and its Linguistic Consultancy. To better understand them, we suggest you studying or just trying to get confident with this exquisite language.

Our Language Consultancy services:

  • Private linguistic training

  • Business linguistic training

  • Training for linguistic certifications exams

  • Proofreading/advice for thesis, articles, essays

If you think that speaking is something beyond the mere communication; if you want to open your mind to a new language a its culture, contact us immediately to work together on a program of studies!


Let’s talk about it!

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